An artist, bibliophile and closet linguist the world knows as Sarah Gushue. I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a bachelor's in Media Arts & Animation. Currently, I'm employed by a global financial institution as a project manager, though my professional history includes web development at an architecture firm, customer service at an appraisal management company, and several positions at libraries and book stores. I also have a fancy for baking.

Volunteering and tutoring remain a passion of mine: I've previously tutored in ESL (English as a Second Language) and web design, as well as volunteering as a teacher at a local children's ministry. For several years, I also translated song lyrics online for a startup website. Going forward, I'm looking to align my skills with a permanent position at a philanthropic organization, and I'm open to wherever that may take me in the world.

I have a variety of skills across various mediums:

Further professional jargon can be found on my resume – please request a copy via one of the contact methods below.



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Buffalo, NY (willing to relocate)
Email: sarah@dreamwatersprings.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dreamwatersprings